Your helm releases are outdated, aren't they? Now you can check!
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Check Da Helm

Your helm releases are outdated, aren't they? Now you can check!

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What's this?

It's a simple command line tool that lets you check whether your helm releases (currently installed by helmfile or argo) are outdated or not. Why it's created? But the main reason why it's created, is a necessity to check if helm releases that you have installed in your cluster still exist in repos. Once Bitnami removed old charts from their main repo and, I believe, everybody needed then some time to understand what happened. So I decided to write this tool. I was checking helmfiles and testing if chart were still in repos. And in case something is broken, I would be notified in the morning. Of course, broken helm charts are something you'll eventually know about, but it just feels better to know about them with this simple cli.



Depending on the tool you want to use cdm with, you must have either helmfile or argocd installed. And in any case you need to have helm


Get executable from github releases

Prebuilt binaries exist for Linux x86_64 and MacOS arm64 and x86_64

Don't forget to add the binary to $PATH

$ curl | bash
$ cdm -h

Build from source

  1. Build binary
$ cargo build --release
  1. Run gum help