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About me

Well, hello there.

I'm a post-ironic jerk, musician, producer, beatmaker, former poet, and a DevOps/SR engineer.


If you're hiring, you can check my CV here: https://s3.badhouseplants.net/public-download/n.rodionov.pdf

Since you've found me here, I guess you might wanna read about me as an engineer, so bet it.

As an engineer, I love working with Kubernetes, but not with the yaml hell. And I don't mind writing a lot of yaml files once, not to do it regular later.

I've never read the SRE book, and I still can have my job done. To be honest, I've read a couple of things that I've been advised to read, and I don't understand the obsession with it. To me, it's simply something, one with at least a bit of understanding how things are getting done, would come up anyway. But when you don't understand what you're doing, but you know every chapter of the SRE book, I'm certain, that makes you the most dangerous engineer, because you're not only not doing your job, but also teach others.

Also, I am still trying to convince myself that GitOps is not a bullshit buzzword. Since the only thing that justifies GitOps is it being GitOps. And though I think that the idea is nice, never in my life I've seen a proper implementation that would work better than a good old Git Flow + CI/CD setup.

I have mixed feelings about helm, but I love helmfile. It's simply the best way to deploy stuff to Kubernetes that we have atm.

And all of it not just me trying to be controversial, I have different kinds of experience, and I've seen how things can be done. And I feel like a lot of fancy SRE are trying to solve a problem in advance by reading best books and using best practices, but they are missing the main point of them being hired by someone, cause job's not done, incidents are not being resolved fast, infra is not scalable, code becomes legacy at the same moment it's committed and pushed, but issue templates are perfect and GitOps is applied.

Also, from time to time, I'm developing things. I have written several small cli tools, that I'm actually using myself, and I'm one of the db-operator contributors.


If, for whatever reason, you happen to find me here, and you're interested in the musical side of mine, you can find my stuff here:

I've taken down everything from mainstream platforms, but I'll probably publish it there again soon. I just found out that it sucks to depend on a dubious company that publishes your music on a subscription model (SoundCloud).

If you need a beat, currently, I don't mind handing out exclusive licences for free, so just ping me, and we'll figure it out.

If you wanna talk, feel free write in telegram, or find me on twitter or mastodon